Now you can easily buy Assam tea or buy Darjeeling tea

Tea is always referred to as a magical tonic in the ancient Chinese traditions. Tea, in today’s world is more like a habit than a magical drink which has its root in China. Tea is also referred to as a most consumed liquid in the world after water. It was during 1800 British started looking for an alternative to tea production as China was the only country in the world to produce tea. The Chinese monopoly led to the discovery of tea in Assam during the British rule in India. Singphos were the only tribe inhabiting along the borders of Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal and Myanmar is said to have been drinking tea from more than thousand years. Which substantiates that the Singpho tribes grew tea bushes to produce teas for their own consumption. The only difference was that they never pruned the trees and the trees would grow big like any other tree and they would ride on elephant back to pluck leaves from the trees. They used to stuff the made tea leaves into bamboo tubes and store them over the cooking shelves to age them as well as keep them away from moisture.

This led to the discovery of tea in India and the British who ruled India during that period had sent the samples to their testing labs and after confirming that those were tea leaves from a different tea varietal, started planting teas.  This was how British started building up factories in Assam and Darjeeling and shipped teas to the west. They were instrumental in creating a market for the tea in the European countries. Today’s online stores from which you could buy Assam tea or buy darjeeling tea exist because the market was created in the west over the centuries.

Tea used to be one of the most precious possessions during the 17th to 18th century before it was produced in India. Indian tea production opened the market for the common European population and soon it became a very popular drink. During the initial days only orthodox or the whole leaf styled tea leaves were produced until William McKercher invented the CTC tea (CTC stands for Crush Tear and Curl) in 1930. CTC teas are small granules which require very small quantity to make a rich cup of tea; it has got deeper body and briskness but lacks the smooth gentle aroma of an Orthodox tea. Todays online world has opened more options for the consumers to choose teas from different types or regions. Now you can buy Assam tea or buy Darjeeling tea or buy teas from Nilgiri with just a click of a button.


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