Find Overall Benefits of Assam tea from online tea shop

Most of the people in today’s world are very particular in morning tea, it should be best in taste and aroma and Assam green tea will surely satisfy your need as it can be brewed hot too. It also comes in sleek bottles which can be served cold. Few surveys tell that Assam green tea is a daily dose in a form of a pill, and now Assam introduces green tea with super fruits like peach, blueberry, raspberry etc.. This tea makes even children’s to drink According to American physicians drinking 5 cups of green tea in a day can reduce 33% of cardiovascular disease. You can definitely buy Assam tea from various online and offline stores all over the world. These online tea shop are working successfully all over the world from various parts.

Overall Benefits of Assam green tea

    • Adding several cups of Assam green tea can burn your fat easier and makes you look even younger



  • Assam green tea reduces the sodium level
  • Assam green tea protects
  • Reduces incoming of diabetes

Healthy heart

Assam green tea contains flavonoid which reduces your heart disease and can improve your blood vessels too. Sipping not more that 3 cups can always give a healthy body

Mental health

Many have proved that tea relaxes mind, body and soul. Theanine is usually present in tea and makes handling any tasks easier. Tea makes your mind to be calm and relaxed and it gives mind a tension and problem free thinking.

Physical performance

Drinking tea makes your nervous system to boost and even body too. It can refresh the whole body on first sip. Buy it form online tea shop  and enjoy these benefits.

What people used to think about this tea

The drawback of Assam green tea is that it was though by many that it contains a drug. But it is not true and not proven still because few are telling it’s just a scandal. Because Assam green tea is a growing multinational brand and many other green teas manufactures may be the reason for spreading this scandalous information’s in order to make their brand name to get spoiled.


It concludes that not only Assam green tea has benefits and drawbacks. All green teas can make these benefits, and consuming more than 5 cups of green tea will always result in problematic health.



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